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I haven’t blogged here since I graduated, which makes sense since this space was created for my copy editing class, but I’m still blogging away. Check me out in the following places:


Final Words

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Though I will continue blogging forever, either here or elsewhere, today is my last day of classes here at Appalachian State University. At 3:30, I will have my final pre-exam copy editing class, the reason for which I started this blog.

The entertainment news on this special day isn’t completely mundane, but nothing out of the ordinary is going on: movies being discussed (“Black Swan” and “Harry Potter“), celebrities in strife (Britney Spears), and pop artists performing (Katy Perry). Another celebrity faces divorce and another America’s Next Top Model is crowned. Taylor Swift has done something that is (maybe) newsworthy and reality (maybe) stars are talking about their lives… again.

This is how I expect my entire career to play out. There will be lulls when all there is to write about is the new hairstyle that a tween sensation like Miley Cyrus is rocking. But on other days, there will be life changing news that I can be a part of, even if I’m alone in my home somewhere, blogging about it on a free space I signed up for years prior. Maybe I’ll be at a news organization of some kind and maybe I won’t, but that thought doesn’t stop me from being hopeful about my future post-graduation. I know at the end of the day, if I want to write, I’ll be writing…

… even if it’s about Lady Gaga’s newest and more-insane-than-the-last outfit. Hey, someone’s gotta commentate.

Zombie Writers Cut Loose

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In a wild move by Frank Darabont, the executive producer has fired all of the writing staff for his new AMC smash “The Walking Dead.” The show has already been renewed for a second season.

Darabont’s new strategy is to bring in freelancers. I’m not in show business, but I don’t know what this guy is thinking. When you have all of the elements of a successful show, you should utilize them instead of beating them over the head from behind with a blunt object.

Maybe it’s because I’m a writer, but I feel like I get my best ideas in a collaborative state with other writers I know. Maybe Darabont knows what he’s doing and that’s why he’s an executive producer. Still, I can’t help but feel uneasy about a person who would throw his co-workers under the bus like that.

Q&A: Editor, US Airways Magazine

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Lance Elko, the editor of US Airways Magazine, gave a quick glance into the specialty magazine industry during an online interview Monday.

Q: How long have you been the editor for US Airways Magazine?
A: Almost 14 years.

Q: What would you call US Airways’ particular genre or style?
A: General interest journalism for a broad audience.

Q: How is your publication dealing with the slow-down in print journalism and what have been some of your solutions?
A: We have a website and will be converting our content to address users of iPads, Android smart phones and other competing wireless devices as they reach critical mass in sales volume.

Q: How is your publication dealing with the economic recession and what have been some of your solutions?
A: We have suffered a great deal from the fall-off of print advertising, so we’ve been dealing with it by changing ad sales strategies – going after special interest sections for, say, specific cities, the health field, technology, education. We’ve also eliminated all of our outside sales reps, who work for any number of magazines, and are using proven sales reps from within the company.

Q: Do you think your publication will segue more into the digital sector as Internet publications become more and more prominent?
A: Since we have a website, we are increasingly steering readers there in several ways, most recently with QR codes, for which we saw a spike in traffic. I don’t think a print-based magazine will disappear any time soon from airline seatback pockets because of their convenience and instant accessibility to airline customers.

(For more about the magazine, check out their website.)

More Losses for the Film Industry

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… and I’m not talking financially. Irvin Kershner and Leslie Nielsen died this weekend, on Saturday and Sunday respectively.

Kershner’s directorial claim to fame is in the fan-and-critic-acclaimed “Empire Strikes Back,” the second of the original Star Wars trio, and dubbed as the best of the films most frequently. Kershner, 87, lost his battle to cancer after three-and-a-half years.

Nielsen was an actor best known for his comedic roles in spoof movies (Mel Brooks’ “Dracula Dead and Loving It,” for example) and the cult classic “Airplane!” He also starred in the Naked Gun series. Nielsen, 84, succumbed to complications from pneumonia.

I will dearly miss both of these men. As a child, I grew up watching Empire and almost every single film starring Nielsen. They both made me laugh, Kershner made me cry, and their contributions to the industry, as opposite as they may have been, will forever be remembered.

Arrested On the Road Again

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It’s good to know that some things never change. Willie Nelson, musician and pro-marijuana activist, was arrested Friday for possession of marijuana. Six ounces of the drug were found on his tour bus.

Nelson was later released after posting bond, but the Hudspeth County sheriff, Arvin West, said that if found guilty, they would treat Nelson like everyone else.

Nelson was arrested in 2006 and 1995 in two other instances of marijuana possession charges.

With the recent legalization of medical marijuana in Arizona and the first attempt at recreational legalization (California’s Proposition 19) overturned, Nelson’s arrest comes at a time when the long-debated marijuana issue is sitting in the first row of America’s media.

Prop 19 is posed for a 2012 comeback. I think it’d be a safe bet that Nelson will be back in the press then, too. If not for another arrest, he’ll surely be one of the biggest supporters of the legalization campaign.

Audio: John Lennon Interview

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I didn’t even know that the audio tapes of this interview existed, but they’re pretty amazing. Jann Wenner, founder of Rolling Stone, interviewed rock musician John Lennon in December 1970. This particular podcast is split into five parts. I can’t necessarily recommend one section over the other, as they are all amazing. However, Wenner’s closing statements on the last segment of the interview are really well-done and moving.

On a technical level, the quality of audio when Wenner speaks is almost consistently awful, and I can really only deduce what he has asked by Lennon’s much more pristine replies. The clarity of the latter’s audio is pretty astounding, actually. You can hear him even when he mumbles. You can hear his passion and emotion in everything he says. You can even hear Yoko Ono‘s random additions to the interview.

Being able to hear a legendary musician posthumously as clearly as if he were sitting next to me is pretty surreal. Even if you’re not a Beatles fan, there’s something to be had here. This audio is a historical archive, one from a time when life in the world was different, and one with a man who represented that culture.